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 A landscape design refers to the art of modifying or arranging a yard's features for practical or aesthetic reasons, which is divided into soft-scape and hardscape. The basics of landscape involve concepts of harmony or unity, balance, proportion, and transition. Unity or harmony refers to effectively using the elements of design for conveying a theme and this can be achieved by implementation of a consistent landscape design either through repetition or mass planting. When it comes to balance, it is a term used for comparing two landscape segments. Proportion refers to the requirements that a group or individual demands for a harmonious landscape plan. Transition refers to the gradual changes which can be attained by manipulating the basic design elements such as scale, color, form, line, and texture.  Find out for further details on this site right here.


When learning the basics of landscape design, it pays to understand the definition of plant form, plant texture, line, color theory and focal point. Form refers to the structure of the branching pattern and shape of a plant, like globular or columnar shapes for the shapes of trees. Plant texture pertains t the surface of an object as often perceived and compared to the surrounding objects. For instance, a bedding plant is less or more coarse than the adjacent plant because of leaf size differences. The line is an element of landscape design referring to the flow or eye movement brought about by the borders and arrangement of plants. The heart of every landscape design consists of flowers, plants, and trees so you should have a basic knowledge of horticulture which is more than an art and science. Most landscapers and clients may have different opinions and ideas about plant choices, hardscape and landscape styles. The debate usually comes from making a decision of the best materials to be used such as choosing between a wooden or vinyl fence or choosing whether to use a wood or composite for the decking material. Overall, the materials and types of plants that will be used in a landscape design would highly depend on the needs and preference of the client with the full guidance and education a landscape contractor provides. Learn more about landscapers, go here


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